Empower your people with ongoing HR and workplace support as you grow

Vouch Retainer clients get access to an expert skill set – without the inhouse cost.

This service is for businesses who:

  • have a team of around 10+ people,
  • are looking for ongoing strategic and operational support, and,
  • understand the need to ensure their strategic plan for the business is supported by the ‘people pillar’ underneath.

Our Retainer clients are dedicated to their people and understand the value of enlisting a skill set to cultivate a motivated and supported workforce. For Vouch to deliver the most value during our retainer arrangement, I will need to work with your team for a minimum of one or two half-days per week.

Can I be Frank?

If you have a team and you’re managing your own HR – it will not be as effective as it should be.

Why? Because HR requires a specific skill set which even HR professionals cannot always fulfill. You need TRUE people management experience along with strategic, operational and hands-on experience. And that’s not how you earn your living – but it’s how I earn mine.

Investing in an expert to manage your HR alongside you is key to achieving overall success as any company grows.

You might not need full-time support yet, but you do need support.

The beauty of working with me and a company like Vouch, is that you get a person who is highly skilled, someone who is unbiased and someone who sees how other companies and industries are doing things – without the expense of an inhouse expert.

Vouch has supported many growing companies through a smorgasbord of HR needs, large and small, and have always made a huge difference in the teams we have worked with. Our relationships are long-standing because they can see the results in their people and their businesses.

How it Works

Step 1

We have an initial Discovery Session to uncover what HR needs you have, where you need our support, and map out a plan to ensure your people will be in the best position to help you get to your goals.

Step 2

I partner with your business. I will be available on an ongoing basis, on set days to ensure consistency, and will largely be onsite working with you and your teams.

Step 3

This process is driven by your needs as a business, and may evolve as you grow and your team expands. No client is the same, so we will continue to re-evaluate and make sure that you have the support you need to get you results.  

"By prioritising your people – your business will reap the rewards."

Case Study: Medium-sized Perth business (Professional services)


This particular organisation were having serious management performance issues and really did not have a handle on HR processes or how to execute the ones they already had.


I went into this company one day per week for many years and completely overhauled all their processes, added new ones they badly needed and helped develop consistency in their reviews and behaviour management. We also had to performance-manage some people out, but the team was then a far happier and more productive place.

The second stage to the process was to hold planning days; outlining company direction and goals along with guiding them to become clear on their values.


After several years, there was no real need for someone with my skill set to remain there on a consistent basis as the team was between 12-15 people.

We stay in touch and I support them on an ad hoc basis with strategic work. 

Emma Driscoll - HR Consultant Perth. HR consulting Perth for small business and companies.

Are you looking to develop strategic goals, find a clear direction and plan for growth to get the most from your people?

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