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At Vouch we look past an applicant’s skills and experience to match their attitudes and values to those of yours, and your team.

After the job offer and acceptance stages in recruitment, we continue to work with your new employee to make sure that their performance is meeting expectations and that they are a great fit for the culture of your business.

Personalised Recruitment

If you are a business operating in an industry with high staff turnover, it may be more cost-effective to have a recruitment consultant design and implement a full recruitment process for you.

Recruitment plans by Vouch cover:

  • Establishing effective recruitment strategies.

  • Guidance documents for managers and HR personnel.

  • Support services and performance appraisals.

  • Initial training for all hiring managers on how to use the improved recruitment process effectively.

Recruit for less. Get more.

It is our mission to provide Perth businesses of all sizes with an affordable and flexible recruitment service.

Here at Vouch, we deliver recruitment support for a reasonable fee and give lots of support, rather than a low fee where you do it all and end up having to re-recruit because the candidates were not right for your business or the role.

We give you the reassurance that you will secure high-quality candidates the first time, and get on-demand support in managing their performance to increase their value to your business.

At Vouch, we charge only 12.5% to deliver our recruitment support:

  • Job descriptions that measure performance.

  • Performance appraisal documents linked to job descriptions.

  • Conduct effective STAR interviews.

  • Storng Reference checks

  • Administrate and facilitate the entire process.

  • Run performance appraisal meetings to maximise performance for the first 3 months.

Recruitment Stages

Recruiting comes in two stages - Job offer and acceptance, and then the probation period. Very few recruitment consultants follow through to the second phase of recruitment to ensure that the recruit’s performance is brought up-to-speed during the probation period.

For Vouch, this is just as important as finding the right people in the first place.

Reference Checking

Effective reference checks is central to good HR recruitment process because it is one of the only stages that involves people other than the job candidate.

While you may be impressed by a potential candidate after reading their application and even after the first interview, no HR recruitment professional should neglect reference checking.

Reference checking helps make sure that your business finds the most qualified person for the job as well as the candidate who is the best cultural fit for your company. Conducting effective reference checks means your business can avoid the costs of failed probation periods and/or poor employee performance.

Ask the Right Questions

There is more to reference checking than making sure a job candidate came to work on time and takes the right time  for their lunch breaks.

Reference checking is about asking the right questions, within the legal requirements of the fair work and equal employment opportunity guidelines. That is, those questions that can provide insight into how a particular job candidates past performance can influence their future performance in the role they are applying for. Be sure to ask open-ended questions, look for neutral responses and what is not being said and always make sure your questions are specific to your company.

To evaluate whether a potential team member is the right fit for your company, contact us at Vouch and our HR recruitment professionals can advise you.

Behavioural Profiling

We can also arrange Behavioural Profiling if desired to help you manage your new recruit when we all decide on the right candidate. This can be a good tool to aid in the recruitment process as well. - Speak to us about this!

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