Tackle specific HR and workplace culture needs with your big goals in mind.

Vouch Projects are for companies looking to: 

  • Develop meaningful company values and direction that translate into the real world.
  • Establish a value-adding performance review process that links to overall company goals.
  • Develop skills in handling difficult conversations and driving people development.
  • Gain clarity on true levels of engagement from team members to increase productivity.
  • Build a clear plan for business direction and the people strategy to support this.
  • Increase productivity in the real world of business by making people a priority to achieve this.

"We don’t just talk in ‘concepts’ or ‘abstracts’. When I come alongside your business on a project basis, I help you take practical, meaningful action on issues or during big changes. This means your people stay engaged and are inspired in seeing how their role impacts company goals being achieved."

- Emma Driscoll, Director of Vouch

What do you want your workplace to look like in 3-5 years? 

I will look at your end goals and pinpoint what you need to action now, for your people to get you there. 

Most businesses struggle with breaking this down and the goals are unreachable!

Effective HR takes a high-level skill set which most business owners/Managers and Directors can’t be expected to have – let alone implement – alongside their daily roles. In fact many HR professionals will only have a portion of skills needed to really manage workplace strategy and all that goes with people and HR. Managing projects when you don’t really have workplace strategy and HR skill sets, causes frustration, desperation and leaves your people feeling very unmotivated and overwhelmed.  


Your people are the living, breathing backbone of your company. Our role is to connect them with the bigger picture of your business so that everyone feels empowered and a vital part of the success of the company. I use my expertise, in people and strategy, to implement and manage projects that – quite simply – work.


Partnering with me at Vouch to execute your next HR project will save you time and money – ensuring the real conversations are had and sticky issues are addressed, so the company is enabled to deal with the crux of the issues and your people are kept inspired and productive. 

Here's How it Works

 Projects can be run in companies with or without internal HR, with your business benefiting from highly skilled, impartial and hands-on workplace strategy support – either on a temporary or ongoing basis as needed.

Step 1

Your business has identified a particular set of issues or desires which, due to a need for the right skill set and workplace objectivity, require the input of an external consultant. 

I will send out a document to briefly assess where you are at, then analyse your situation in light of your business goals in an initial phone call and determine the best solutions for you. 

This may mean an initial ‘Discovery Session Project’ (full HR/Workplace Audit based project), running a series of workshops around establishing best practice for linking all your HR needs together (e.g. your company values or Positions Description Development) and connecting these to a workable, customised performance appraisal process.

I then provide consulting assistance with developing these frameworks and processes.

Step 2

Projects can be carried out with myself as the consultant doing the bulk of the work with check in points and technical guidance from you as the client – OR – I can provide advice and guidance in 3 hour block sessions with yourself and your team, then support you while you put the advice and training into practice.

E.g. I provide you with an approach, framework and overall strategy for how you want your Position Descriptions to look – linking this back to overall strategy – and then your management writes the Position Descriptions and send me a draft to assess. A follow-up session will be scheduled, where I meet and tackle the next step – true consulting.

Step 3

Projects are varied in length and entirely dependant on what your business actually needs – which could be a few sessions over a few weeks or workshops and consulting hours over a much longer period of time. 

This will be determined upfront in our first session which may be a discovery-based session.

What Project-based Support Looks Like

NEED – Management Team Coaching for leader and employee development and growth. 

PROJECT – Emma coaches and mentors the leadership team through their own goals and development linked to company strategic goals over a 12-month period of individual coaching, management meetings for follow up and 2-3 workshops with groups.

NEED – Development of company values to underpin the overall vision and future direction of the business.

PROJECT – Emma meets with leadership team for a half-day workshop exploring the values of the business. Individual work may be required and a follow-up meeting to consolidate and move the values from ‘nice sounding concepts’ into thoughts and behaviours which underpin the activities of the business and shape the future direction of the goals.

Case Study: Medium-sized Perth business (Professional services)


The company has HR and they cover a broad role in terms of correct processes and methods, but they needed some expert support for a specific HR project around leadership. They asked Vouch to assist in working across different areas of the business to uncover the root cause of a lack of collaboration and poor leadership. 


I ran several workshops across the business and had some very tough and confronting conversations that were necessary to build from. Due to the skills sets we have at Vouch, we were able to extract information from people and gain valuable and previously unattainable insight into what some of the core issues were underneath the ‘stories’.


Recommendations were provided for key next steps and a partnering approach was key to the work we undertook.


Their people are working far more collaboratively, leadership has increased skills and insight into what their limitations are and how to work through situations arriving at win/win scenarios. 


This project, as with most, involved people having to really work on self-reflection and committing to themselves as leaders and their teams to ensure development, all linking back to the direction the company is going in– which is essential to all the work that we do. The company MUST know where it’s going to lead successfully. Sometimes, success in leadership is not about climbing the next rung on the ladder but stepping to the side and allowing someone else the chance to get a foot on the ladder!

"Change requires real effort – not just hiring the right person. My clients get in the trenches with me to put in the hard work – and this helps them achieve results."

Emma Driscoll - HR Consultant Perth. HR consulting Perth for small business and companies.

Ready to make it happen? 

Book in your free phone call with me – no sales techniques, just honest, expert advice. 

“Our initial phone call is always obligation free – I simply assess where your company is at and I will provide you with my initial thoughts and advice on how to proceed. If the best thing for your situation isn’t working with Vouch – I’ll tell you upfront and try point you in the right direction”.