HR Policy Creation

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HR Policy & Process

A common scenario as businesses grow, is to allow it to happen organically. Then one day, you look around the office and realise you’ve got all these people working for you. How did that happen?

Those people will stay with you, and continue to work hard, if they feel engaged, inspired and on-board with your vision. Human Resources policies and processes are central to achieving this by making it clear to everyone how the business works, and the company policies on everything from performance and salaries to holidays and sick days.

The foundation of managing the growth in your business and team is by building Human Resources policies and procedures. While a policy is the formal statement of a principle that members of a company must follow, the procedure spells out the actions to be taken in-line with the policies, offering HR support for the best outcome every time.

We understand how to create and implement these policies and can make it all happen for you.

Create & Implement

As a business owner, you are in a fantastic position to kick off the creation of policies and procedures in your workplace alongside a Human Resources professional. In consultation with managers, team members and other stakeholders, you will know how your team operates, what their values in the workplace are, and what expectations you have of the business.

Our people will work with you to identify the unique nature of your workplace, and break down the specific policies and how they will be implemented to serve as a reference point for all human resource activity in your business.

Have a think about some of these common areas of HR where the Vouch team help to create and implement - recruitment, training, personal leave, promotion, and more.

If you’re lacking clear policies and procedures in any of these areas, talk to Vouch, we’re here and ready to help.

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