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We are Vouch, an HR Agency located in Perth, Western Australia with over 17 years experience delivering outsourced HR services.

Everything we do at Vouch is about people. Without people, businesses don’t function, and they certainly don’t succeed.

We understand people, how to discover their motivations, make them feel included and engaged with your business, and turn them into highly effective team members.

When your whole team is operating like that, you will see the difference in your bottom line, and also in the culture and atmosphere in your workplace.

What we also help with is the less glamorous side of people management. The compliance, the negotiations, the performance reviews, the issues with sick leave, absences and lack of performance.

We’re not just here to help with the fun stuff, we’ll do the heavy lifting too so you can focus on what you’re best at - running the business. We want our clients to feel comfortable in the knowledge that their business is working compliantly, with the right systems, processes and staff communications in place to make everyone safe, productive and happy.

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