Get the HR documents you actually need and practical support from an expert, packaged to suit your budget

Vouch Packages are for small businesses who don’t have the budget for onsite assistance but want real guidance to support the growth of the people side of their business.

I have developed two HR Packages which start from $76 (plus GST) per week and include:

  • All necessary Human Resource process templates
  • Foundational policy document templates
  • ‘How to Use’ guides – a super important and helpful set of template explainers
  • Weekly phone support calls
  • Email access to dedicated consultant

I’ll help you create foundational HR practices that work for your people through customised support that fits your budget.

The package options were created based on real feedback from small business owners who wanted more than just random HR documents with no order to them. Regardless of your budget, you still need to implement a solid set of HR practices within your business to support your people and ensure you can grow.

Instead of relying on the Fair Work website, a stream of different people you don’t know, or ending up working with no one at all, we created our Packages so you can get a good set of HR practices sorted for your business – without breaking the bank.

HR isn’t a one-size-fits-all game, so email access to your dedicated consultant as well as a weekly (minimum) phone call is included, so I can keep you on track and offer personalised advice.

The more I know you and your business, the better I can support you. Policies are all well and good – but they don’t create the culture that needs to sit underneath them. That’s why our Package service is more than just documents, it’s also expert guidance and advice during the process of implementation.

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Choose your package. Decide on the level of personal support you need at the phase of your business – and as you grow, it can be scaled to suit.

Step 2

Initial strategy session.

At our first session, we will work out your 12-month plan of attack for HR and outline what will work best for you based on your strategic goals.

Step 3

Begin implementing the policies and processes using the relevant templates in our suite of HR resources. Along with the practical How-To guides, you can access personal support via email and during our weekly calls.

HR Support Package

HR Evolve

$329 plus GST per month

($76 plus GST per week)

$589 per month

($136 plus GST per week)

A weekly ½ hour touch point call with a dedicated HR consultant for support

Email support and FAQ’s queries

2 x weekly ½ hour touch point calls with a dedicated HR Consultant for support

Unlimited email support with a dedicated HR consultant for queries

Full access to a suite of well-structured and easy to use policies, guides and templates in line with the specific needs of your business.

Full access to a suite of well-structured and easy to use policies, guides and templates in line with the specific needs of your business.

“We contacted Vouch the week before Christmas in relation to a short term but important issue that we needed board consultation on as a matter of some urgency.

Emma was busy but took our request on and got into the issue straight away, covering all bases and pointing us in the right direction. She has a thorough no nonsense and direct approach and got to the crux of the issue for us.

She doesn’t shy away from the tough conversations which was what we needed.

She was a pleasure to work with and clearly knows what she’s doing. I’d recommend her to any company wanting workplace strategy advice and guidance with an approach that focuses on both people as well as keeping business needs a top priority”

– Andy Munro – Munro Marine Consultancy Pty Ltd

It’s that simple. Enter your details below and begin creating a set of HR practices that work.

Not sure what you need?

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Got the basics sorted but your business is growing fast and you want a proper strategic HR approach?

Get the breakdown on where you are at in a one-on-one session with Emma, and discover exactly what to implement to help your people succeed.