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The first thing you will learn when partnering with Vouch is that we are all aout the WHOLE PICTURE, not just HR process and the policies you may need.

When you work with us, we want to know what the bigger picture looks like for where you are taking the company and if you're not sure, we will guide you towards finding this out! This is essential to getting the people side of your business where you need it to be.

Working with Vouch will result in your organisation employing the best people from the beginning to reduce your turnover rate and training costs. Our robust set of HR processes are designed to support managers and teams to be as productive, skilled and organised as possible.

And in the end, our bottom line is about your bottom line and increasing your business’s ability to be more profitable.

Our team are experienced HR specialists and strategists and we love what we do, because we’re good at it. We achieve great results for our clients and we have a lot of fun along the way.  At Vouch, ‘results’ in Human Resources means keeping great people, maximising productivity and achieving growth in profits and productivity. If we need to hlep you find some new team members along the way, we can do that too!

Read on and meet our founder

Emma Driscoll, Director   

Emma is a big picture strategist who will assess what you're doing, what you're not doing and what needs to happen!

Emma has amazing people skills, and a finely-tuned intuition for teams and individuals. Emma loves what she does and is inspired by progressive and forward thinking buisness owners who can see the direct correlation  between satisfied people, productivty and profits.

She has the ability to enable people to open up and is highly skilled at partnering with business managers and owners to work out what's going on underneath!

Emma is a human behavioural expert with Post Graduate qualifications in HR, Certifications in Coaching as well as training and is a fully acredited DISC Profiler. She has 20 years of practical experience in people management, team building and mentoring at an international level.

She brings a proven track record in leadership and people management, behavioural profiling, and executive mentoring, plus extensive recruitment experience with an ability to match an individual’s values with the client’s business.

"What do we believe in?"- Emma Driscoll

Values are so essential in any business but they are not just about honesty and integrity, if you don't have those, I feel your business is doomed to start with!.

Our values are below and we work with companies who feel similarly....

1. We are passionate about what we do. if we aren't MAKING A DIFFERENCE then it's not working for either party and we'll respectfully bow out.

2. We are fully prepared to have the  TOUGH CONVERSATIONS and we work with our clients to ensure they are equipped to do the same.

3. We look at the WHOLE PICTURE when working with our clients. We need to understand all parts of a business to sort out the people strategy.

4. WE GET TO KNOW OUR CLIENTS AND INDUSTRIES. We are genuinely interested on who our clients are and what they do.

5. We work alongside of people we HAVE FUN WITH- PERIOD! People work with those they like and we are about doing what we do best and enjoying it


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