The traits of an influential person -Leaders take note

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Have you observed how some people exude a calm confidence about them, an inner knowing and strong sense of who they are and their purpose. Some people just attract others to them and have a certain magnetism that surrounds them. Some of the most profound people in history have left a trail of horror and destruction and yet people at one point were captivated by them. And then others have achieved amazing things in our own backyard and have made been such strong role models for us.

“Those who are inwardly fluent are outwardly influential” – This is an expression I have heard from several of the best human behaviours minds on the planet and it is profoundly true.


People like this have some fairly consistent attributes and we see them as people who ‘INFLUENCE’


  1. They are giving with their time
  2. They are genuinely interested in others
  3. They challenge the status quo and are always looking for the next big thing that will create change
  4. They are not threatened by people who may have a different idea or view of the world
  5. They are generally wealthy in some way shape or form- this does not necessarily mean financial
  6. They build relationships well and communicate effectively
  7. The surround themselves with people who support their passion as they recognise that they are not good at everything
  8. They lead from the front
  9. They leave a true legacy behind and make a difference in some way


Influencers are clear about why they are here and what they contribute to their own lives as well as others. This does not mean that they are necessarily even conscious of it, but people are who are clear on the inside don’t mess about. Large numbers of people are drawn to them and what they have to say.


We ‘look up’ to these people… Ever wondered where the term ‘Superstars’ comes from?? Well there you go..If you look at some of the most influential people of all time, they never took the easy path and certainly were not universally liked in many cases but ask yourselves why they made such a mark on mankind?


The ones that we have admired from afar, the local people we know who just have that certain quality, that x factor… It all comes back to clarity within.


In our roles working with companies and the people within them, we see the same patterns unfolding and how individuals can positively and negatively impact on a business. We also see the effects of business owners who are stuck and unsure. This tends to result in the business being stuck and feeling clunky with a lack of clarity going on.


If you have a whole group of people who are internally ‘wobbling’ and unclear, this makes for uncertainty and a lack of influence in the work place, not to mention any real leadership. There is a sense of unease and people there tends to be issues around retention as well. It  has a huge impact on employee engagement!


Business owners/Directors, need to get back to the basics of knowing what resonates for them as individuals, what drives them, what inspires them and where they see things in 2-5 years time for themselves before they can expect the business to be fluent and therefore influential.


There are some fairly simple strategies companies can undertake to determine the above information and it’s worth doing well, even if it can all be a little confronting. After all, we spend a lot of hours in the workplace, let’s ensure that we are satisfied, clear on our purpose and along the way, influence others in a positive way.



As always, remember, 'Energy equals outcome, so make sure that you are focusing on the right things'.

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