Will you achieve your goals this year?

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Year in and year out people set goals. Year in year out those goals are either left unmet, or they are met at the expense of other aspects of people's lives that don't serve them well.

Most people overlook a fundamental aspect of goal setting which can make a huge difference to their success. People need to ask themsleves:

"How are my goals impacting on all the aspects of my life, and what am I doing to make a difference to others?"

If these questions are not considered, you best shift your focus to ensure that they are. For example, there's no point having a personal goal to lose weight when your social life includes going out every second night and partying all weekend, it's nearly impossible to achieve.


To use more of a work-related goal, if your goal is to increase new business opportunities when you have no goals relating to improving and expanding your business profile, you'll have a tough time making that happen. The two are inextricably linked. Both areas will need to be considered when setting goals to have a successful outcome. Looking at goals this way will not only enhance individual satisfaction but will help you increase profits in your company significantly.

There are many aspects of your personal life as well as your business life that need to be factored in when considering your goals as there will be a flow-on effect from one area to another. It’s essential to look at everything in your life from mental and spiritual goals to physical and financial. In business, the same rules apply with slightly different subjects or topics.

Being clear on what resonates for YOU with your goals is essential, whether this is at work or in your home life. If you want true success, the goals must be your own. If you‘re not remotely excited when you read them back to yourself, scrap them and start again. You have to be inspired! If someone else has to motivate you, it's likely you won't achieve your goals, and on the slim chance you do, it’ll be a hard road all the way. This is not good for companies or their people.

MDs take note. That applies to your goals and your company goals as well.

The final point to this topic which I could write about for hours is this: If the goals you have set are not clarified to show you where they can serve others, you are also missing a golden opportunity to receive more success. This is again just as important in business as it is in your personal goals. The people and companies that have an ethos and set of values that enable and encourage 'giving' are practicing strong levels of reciprocity. We have all heard the old expression 'give to receive,' but what most people are not aware of is that it’s the basis for many of the universal laws and principles that govern us.

If your goals do not in some way help others, you're limiting your own success! 

As always, remember, 'Energy equals outcome, so make sure that you are focusing on the right things'.

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