Meet Emma

I’m Emma, the ‘Human Behaviour Specialist’ behind Vouch, and the person you will be working with when you commit to looking after your people and ensuring your company’s ability to grow.

Why Work with Vouch?

Let’s not over complicate this. Your people are your business – do you have a plan to help them help you?

I will make sure you can do that. It’s a simple concept, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s well and truly worthwhile doing it properly and I’ll ensure you feel supported at all times.

This is something we do together with practical, no-nonsense HR and Workplace support which tackles the tough issues and puts the right ‘people framework’ in place to enable you to achieve your big strategic goals.

Understanding ‘HR’

‘Human Resources’ is a term people are familiar with, but it covers everything from recruitment to maternity leave policies and everything in between, so it can be a hard to understand what you actually get when you hire an external HR Consultant. We are not all the same and it’s important to understand this from the start. It’s very important that as part of your process, you get clear on what you need, not just what you want.

In a nutshell, you hire me and my skill set to link the bigger picture of your company and your strategic goals, to the people in your business and the workplace around them.

What does that mean?

My job is to help your leadership team to ensure your people are profitable for the company and that your company can value, support and really look after your people.

What Makes me the ‘Specialist’ at What I do?

Yes, I have qualifications, lovely bits of paper along with many years of experience – but I’d rather tell you about my qualities which go beyond qualifications and can’t be found on paper.

Over more than 20 years I have developed a knack for uncovering what sits beneath surface level issues. By pinpointing the true causes of behaviours, I can help you manage people to get the best from them.

I am a skilled negotiator and mediator and can handle the tough conversations that others avoid.

I am a veteran at unravelling and interpreting human behaviour and speak in plain terms to get things done. This is the difference between talking in a ‘concept’ way, and understanding the reality of the way things need to be done in your day to day.

These are the reasons I am able to deliver results for my clients which change their companies for the better – and I get to work alongside them and watch them grow!

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Vouch – Our Ethos and Expectations when working with you

A lot of companies leave this bit out, but in this line of work, it’s essential to ensure a good fit and a successful outcome for the clients I work with.

If Vouch is right for you, you will be:

Profit-focused and understand that in order to have good profits, you need great people – which means that you are prepared to truly look after them. You will be open to working with me to figure out how your organisation can do that efficiently and effectively.

Willing to engage in strategic planning and true direction planning for your company. Without this, I cannot steer the HR ship for you in any set direction and this is a must for you to get results.

Committed to working with me and enabling me access to you and your team.

You will also appreciate a direct, committed and passionate approach from a consulting style that supports you to succeed and is interested in knowing your team, your company and you.

For me to deliver the results you need – you have to go all in. Don’t worry, I will be all in with you!

Emma Driscoll - HR Consultant Perth. HR consulting Perth for small business and companies.

So – does Vouch look like the right fit for you?

Get in touch for a no-obligation, real talk with me, and I’ll let you know if I believe we can help.

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