Managing Performance

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Move Your People Forward

Managing performance is something that should be a ‘way of life’ in every business, big and small.

Regular employee performance reviews achieve all sorts of things that are critical to staff retention and longevity, successful working relationships, and highly productive people.

Think about these benefits that come from regular performance management:

  • Managing employee performance helps team members feel valued.

  • Enables managers and staff to take responsibility for their own performance and career progression.

  • Gives team members opportunities to improve areas of interest and provide value to the business while creating strong job satisfaction.

  • Links strategic direction with performance to connect roles and people with the direction of the business.

At Vouch, our processes and systems assess performance using employee performance reviews, and then we support managers to help make sure that the whole team engages with the procedures and appreciate their benefits.

Performance Reviews

Regular staff performance reviews are a great way for employers to evaluate the contributions of team members. But traditional methods of one-on-one meetings every 6 months are not good enough anymore.

Reviews should be regular, based on the strategy of the business, wins and performance highlights, plus acknowledging success and looking at positive ways to address performance issues.

Like anything, doing performance reviews properly takes time and many business owners find it impossible to find the time to be consistent.

The Vouch team can take care of performance reviews in your business. There are huge advantages in time saving from implementing a consistent review system. Plus, you and your staff can all feel more comfortable because you no longer have those difficult conversations. We’re here to do all that for you.

A regular and effective system of reviewing performance can improve the way your business runs, build a more effective team and reduce staff turnover and recruiting costs.

The benefits of regular, structured performance management include:

  • Identify performance issues before they have a negative impact.

  • Receive and provide staff feedback.

  • Build skills and confidence.

  • Set clear performance measures.

  • Keep team members motivated and accountable.

  • Reduce the stress of less-frequent and ‘bigger’ performance reviews.

Team Vouch can help align your staff performance reviews to the objectives of your business and develop a methodology for staff performance reviews that will result in a stronger team.

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