To succeed you need a clear direction – and to have a clear direction you need a strategy broken down into actionable parts.

Your ‘People Pillar’ is an essential piece of your success.

The Vouch Discovery Session is for any company who has, or wants to have, a strategic set of goals, a clear direction and actionable growth plan for people and profits.

This is for you if your company has HR in place but want to make sure that you’re doing things:

  • the right way,
  • at your most efficient and,
  • in a way that gets the best out of your people – both for today and the future.

As Director, or group of Directors, you need to be able to know with confidence that your people aren’t just doing what they should, but operating to the best of their ability. This can only happen when they are supported by your companies HR processes and working towards a clear set of goals.

"We don’t just talk in ‘concepts’ or ‘abstracts’. When I come alongside your business on a project basis, I help you take practical, meaningful action on issues or during big changes. This means your people stay engaged and are inspired in seeing how their role impacts company goals being achieved."

- Emma Driscoll, Director of Vouch

How the HR Discovery Session Works 

This session is for Directors and companies who are ready to put in the hard work, have the tough conversations and make real changes so they are in the best position for growth.

The process is designed to take the guesswork out of what you are doing, save you time and ensure that you’re on track to get your people working for the business and your business working for your people!

Step 1

The first stage is to book in a phone chat, with no obligation to proceed with the session – and you might even get a few tips then and there! This allows me to see if this session is really what your company needs, and ask any assessment questions I need to move forward.

Step 2

I will then come onsite and spend 1-2 days in your organisation going over all your current processes and organisational and workplace strategies in all their gory details! Think of this as a full spring-cleaning assessment.

We will look at what to keep, what to throw away, what to replace, what you like, what you don’t like and how to move forward from here.

Step 3

I then provide you with a strategic direction and ‘HR Plan of Attack’ which I can either support you with as long as I am needed for implementation, or simply equip you to move forward on your own.

If I see I can make a difference by providing ongoing support, I will clearly articulate how this would work and we will take it from there.

Case Study: Digit Books

Digit Books is a small and very dynamic, forward-thinking bookkeeping company in Perth.

The Directors, Leah and Andrew, are actually quite adept at doing a fair chunk of the ‘grind’ to get their processes happening. Andrew comes from a technology background and thrives on fabulously formatted docs and processes.

Where they were getting stuck was in the bigger picture – linking their workplace strategy and HR practices together to reflect the values and goals of the business.

This is where I came in…

I met with the business directors and spent 1.5 days assessing their entire workplace strategy and the goals and objectives they had in mind during our Discovery Session.

I found that there were some good aspects to what the duo had achieved, but also some big missing links, so as part of the Discovery, my full recommendations were provided and we commenced the Workplace Strategy/HR journey together.

We booked three sessions for 3 hours each, followed by a final session at the end to link it all together.

  1. We looked at their values in the business and how to turn them from ‘nice statements’ to actual working pieces of the puzzle which underpinned all thoughts and actions in the business (hence why it’s so important for values to truly reflect your company).
  2. We assessed their Position Description approach and how we could encompass both technical skills expectations, career growth and behavioural aspects in the one document.
  3. We assessed their approach to career development and progressing skills through their review process and the best practice around this.
  4. Finally, we linked it all together, giving Digit a clear set of PD’s, a strong performance review process and documentation to match and a set of values that truly underpin all that matters to the company.

Along the way, I assisted them with recruitment queries, performance management advice for issues they were dealing with and overall guidance in moving concepts into reality. We will continue to work together on a project basis as Digit grows. They are a fabulous company to work with as they are committed, know their brand and love what they do!

See the testimonial below on Digit Books' current experience with Vouch…

"In finding a HR partner for Digit, it was important for us to align with someone who deeply understands how important our people and culture are to our business. In Emma we have found the perfect partner. She’s been helping us in a project capacity over the last year design a HR framework for our business, and a workplace strategy that will guide us as we look to expand and grow our team. She has an innate ability to get to the core of what we’re looking to do, and provide clear guidance in amongst what can be overwhelming information.

We highly recommend Emma and Vouch to anyone interested in collaborating with a partner who can navigate the HR landscape, and outline strategies to implement, tailored specific to your people and culture – without the cookie cutter approach."

- Andrew Erkins, Director

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