HR Discovery Sessions

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All companies have different priorities, strategic goals and cultural requirements but they all need a solid structure from which to launch from for their HR and people-based activity.

We run kick off projects that we call HR Discovery Sessions to really uncover what's working well, what isn't and what's missing.

We work with the business owners and the senior management team to conduct a FULL assessment and for want of a better term, audit of areas such as:

  • Policies and compliance-based information
  • Issues and problems relating to management culture of the workplace
  • Strategic goals and direction/vision/values
  • Performance Management processes
  • Recruitment and Induction practice

We spend the time with you, advising and guiding as we go and we then put a full recommendation and strategy together for the company based on our expertise, the business needs and priorities and realistic timeframes.

This will ensure that the company is not blindly going along tackling issues in a reactive manner rather than responding in a strategic and sustainable manner.

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