How to Recruit the Right Candidate the First Time

December 18, 2017 | In Insights

To engage the ideal candidate for an employment opportunity, HR consultants must assess the skills and experience of the potential employee based on what they have studied, where they have worked and the roles they have held.

Good HR Consultants also analyse their personality and spend time looking at individual values. This can be quite the tricky and time consuming task, but when done correctly, consultants have the ability to recruit the right candidate, the first time around, for your particular organisation.

Given the huge choice of candidates that are seeking employment, it is easy to fall into the mindset that if one candidate doesn’t work out, engaging another won’t be a difficult task. Sure, this may be true, but the costs of recruiting the wrong person can be significant. Consider the costs of the recruitment process itself, the potential damage to customer relationships via a poor representative of the company and the loss of productivity and team morale that can result.

The individuals that work with your business will literally determine how your business will function and grow into the future. It is vital that as a starting point, organisations seeking employees consider the following five areas:

Consider the culture and values of the your organisation

You may not have spent much time worrying about this area but it’s more important than anything else. Skills can be taught; cultural fit and values alignment are far more difficult and make up an overwhelming percentage of why recruitment ‘doesn’t work out’.

GOOD HR Strategists will ask you about this and help you to get clear on these areas.

What is important to your business? (other than making money- which will come if all else is aligned)

What is the culture of your business like?

What would others say is important to your business? (This will tell you a lot)

What is important to you as the Managing Director or Hiring Manager?

Getting clear with the true values of your business is essential to successful hiring practices. If the person is not aligned the values and culture of your organisation; they will not stay and you will have to start all over again.

What are your needs?

As the preliminary step, businesses must evaluate their existing resources in order to determine what functional areas need to be filled to move the business forward. Look at your current team, what is missing? These areas of responsibility and skills that do not currently exist within the business will form the basis of the role you are seeking a candidate to fill.

What type of personality are you looking for?

Filling a vacancy is not just about the skills and experience that are required of a candidate in order for them to carry out their work. It involves considering the type of person you want to fill that role, their personality and their Behavioural style. What type of ‘profiles’ have you got ib your existing team?

Not all HR strategists can help here; but again, good ones can!

The job description

After identifying what skills are needed and the type of person that you can see working with your business, the next step is to write up the job description. This will outline the fundamental requirements of the position as well as the competencies required of the candidate. The job description will form the basis for your selection criteria when evaluating candidates.

The job description should also contain accountabilities that are based around your organisational values as discussed above. You need to be able to manage behaviours as well as performance.

Take it easy

More often than not, you will need to find a candidate to fill a role as soon as possible. The downside of this is that you will be likely to compromise on your selection criteria. Rather than engaging candidates that fit all of your requirements, time constraints will lead you to hiring someone you have interviewed that fits some or most, but not all of your desires. To get the right candidate the first time around, organisations need to slow down the process, either by running ads or accepting resumes continually or by getting comfortable with the idea that a position may be vacant longer than originally anticipated. Extending the recruitment process in this way increases the chances of getting it right the first time and thus avoiding the costs we mentioned earlier.

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