Frequently Asked Questions

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How does ongoing HR help me achieve business success?

Your business will always need people, so you will always need HR support. The Human Resources landscape is always changing as we learn more through research and if we don’t keep HR processes up-to-date, your business will fall behind your competitors and struggle to identify weaknesses and skill gaps. Retaining high quality and productive people is key to maintaining a competitive edge and achieving growth.

How does HR improve profitability?

There are two main areas where HR benefits profit. Good Human Resource management and recruitment processes to hire the right people the first time, saves expenditure on training and recruitment advertisements. Secondly, a clear HR strategy means everyone knows their role and works to achieve KPIs so they can focus their time on what’s most important and achieve more with maximum efficiency.

I lack the confidence to recruit the right people. Can you help and what will you do?

Finding and recruiting the best people is a finely tuned process that can be difficult to get right. As a recruitment consultancy we can take as much of the recruitment responsibility off your hands as you like. We can manage the whole process from advertising to interviews and from onboarding to performance reviews. Our experience and processes makes sure that your investment on recruiting and training new staff member is worthwhile.

Why can’t I handle the recruitment of new staff myself?

Recruitment is a time-consuming project that requires financial investment, so it pays to get it right the first time. When you ask an expert team like Vouch to enable the recruitment process for you, our focus is on finding excellent new people for you the first time and that means you save time and money, and you get the best new people to add to your team.

Why should I bother with staff performance appraisals?

Regular staff performance appraisals will help the business and the employee. Your employees benefit because they know where to focus their efforts and receive praise and support that will motivate them and make them feel valued. As a business, you benefit by identifying opportunities for improvement that allow for greater output and a higher quality of work from a more committed team.

Can you help us to manage staff behaviour?

We understand that managing staff behaviour can be difficult - nobody likes to have difficult conversations that could upset the other party and impact on their self-esteem. At Vouch, we can coach you to handle these tricky meetings professionally and in ways that remove feelings of awkwardness.

Do you offer management coaching and advice?

Yes we do, and training can really help shape the type of manager you make, whether you’ve been in management for decades, or are stepping into your first role. Dealing with people requires understanding and compassion while being able to make the tough calls and pull people into line. Finding this balance is difficult and can be easy to forget when work gets busy. Management coaching helps you find the balance and stay on track.

Can you teach me to deal with and resolve workplace conflict?

Resolving workplace conflict is one of the trickiest areas of HR because often a conflict is the result of personality clashes that are difficult to change. We have plenty of experiences dealing with and resolving workplace conflict and can teach you methods that will help you take control to resolve disputes as they arise.

Can you help us manage people better and reduce wasted time on unnecessary meetings?

Meetings are one of the biggest time wasters in business. Having an HR consultant review your management strategies is a great way to identify where processes are inefficient and in need of improvement. At Vouch, we can review your HR strategy, identify areas of weakness (like excessive meetings) and work with you to implement positive changes.

Change in our business is causing people issues, can you help?

Most people don’t like change and tend to feel more comfortable with the familiar. When big changes occur in business, as they invariably will, people can dig in their heels and become difficult as they resist change, and stick to the old ways. We can work with you to ease the transition and minimise the sudden impacts on your staff that causes problems.

What is the benefit of having an on-site HR Consultant?

An on-site consultant has the advantage of being on the ground, in your business, and experiencing your processes first-hand. They also retain their status as an external consultant who can view and analyse the team and their processes from a top level to identify gaps and inefficiencies.

Can you help with long-term staff who are underperforming?

We can definitely help to get better results from employees that have lost momentum and motivation. Employee performance reviews allow us to identify what is causing the lack of performance and work on this to lift the levels of inspiration and motivation in long standing team members.

Our management team is not working well together, what can I do?

It is crucial that your management team works well together. Staff follow management’s lead and if the bosses are bickering and slowing down work, this negativity will pass down to the rest of the team. Vouch work with you to identify the issues and find solutions to improve co-operation and workplace relations.

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