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We are a strategic HR consultancy called Vouch.

We call Perth, Western Australia home. Our team has over 17 years' experience delivering outsourced HR services, true engagement and ladership projects and managing the performance and processes of Australian businesses to generate real results for smaller and medium sized companies.

Our team of people specialise in three main functions that lead to the best people, highly productive teams and maximised profits. Our HR services are focussed on:

  • Strategic HR, linking performance & career goals to company aims through HR Discovery and Audits
  • Developing and managing all HR processes to support management.
  • Running bespoke engagement, leaderships and culture based workshops and programmes which get you results

HR Consultants

For many businesses and organisations, full time Human Resources staff are either not necessary, or not viable. But in most businesses with over 10 staff, there is a need to have their people taken care of properly, with the right policies in place.

An external HR consultant from Vouch is an excellent solution, and with our team members working with your people onsite, you get the best of both worlds. We deliver best-practice HR management processes, without the need to invest in full time staff.

HR Expertise

Our team are all senior people with broad experience earned over time and ready to be put to use in your business. Small to medium-sized businesses can simply not afford to employ the level of experience that we offer.

Our experience allows us to be innovative and progressive with our solutions. Bring us in and we can look at how we can help, the outcomes we can deliver and the goals we can work on together to achieve.

Big Picture

Our vantage point from outside your business allows us to see things clearly that are often not visible when you are ‘too close’ to the challenges.

We use our external position to your advantage and give honest and up-front assessments, and solutions that will resolve existing and potential issues. Then we start to implement positive change in your teams as soon as possible.

We specialise in ‘big picture’ thinking and we encourage our clients to run strategic planning with us to ensure that we link your company direction to the performance of your team and individual staff.

Support & Service

We make sure that there will always be someone to contact when you need help. When you’re not sure how to tackle a tricky conversation or how best to manage employee behaviour, we are ready to give support via phone and email. This constant support, even when we’re not on-site with you, will help you to get the most from your employees, consistently.

Values & Strategy

Our understanding of the values and unique differences in your business is central to what we do, because it allows us to align your people with the vision and direction of the business.

We know how to find the core values and unique stories in your business. Those values influence strategy, and strategy influences how things are done. Getting things done is what we’re all about, for our own team and for your business.

For Human Resources services that are progressive, productive and highly effective, contact Vouch today.

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