Behaviour Profiles

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High Performance Workplaces

Traditional thinking tells business leaders that high performance in a job role is mostly dependent on an individual’s specific skills - the more technically qualified and experienced an individual is, the better they will perform in the role.

Modern and progressive Human Resources are shifting focus to the individual’s attitude and social skills as key indicators of effectiveness and productivity at work.

A recent three-year study of 25,000 professionals in the US, showed that only 11% of team members under-perform in their job roles because of a failure in their technical skills. The overwhelming majority of 89% fail in their jobs because of a lack of social, interpersonal, and communication skills.

So, to improve productivity with your staff, Vouch put behaviour profiling to work to discover what motivates individuals, and work out individual management strategies to optimise their performance.

Behaviour Profiling

Behavioural profiling is used by HR consultants to help business owners identify the characteristics and working styles of their team members. While behavioural profiling is often used in the recruitment process to understand how an individual is likely to perform in a role, it is also very useful in established teams to further develop working relationships.

The essence of behavioural profiling is that each individual behaves in different ways and that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ set of characteristics for each person. Behaviour profiling uncovers characteristics in team members to identify their strengths and limitations. With this understanding, we can work out the job types and roles where they are most likely to excel.

There’s no need for your team to be worried about ‘getting it wrong’ or having a ‘worse profile’ than someone else. There is no good and bad, just different attributes that help people find their most effective niche.

Behaviour profiling helps teams and businesses by:

  • Building stronger relationships between team members.

  • Discovering improved methods of communication.

  • Learning how to manage conflict.

  • Improving team engagement and cohesion.

Vouch can help you use Behavior Profiling to get the best from your team members and build a happy, high-performing team.

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