HR consulting for companies who value their people.

"The world is in a process of change. Create a workplace that values customers and employees alike."

Emma Driscoll - HR Consultant Perth. HR consulting Perth for small business and companies.

Emma Driscoll

Director of Vouch

How Can Vouch Help Your Business?

It’s not about the size of your business – our service offerings vary based on your needs and goals and what it will take to get you there.

What will remain consistent is that HR is not about policies and procedures, it should support and drive business success across people and profit. That's what you get when you partner with Vouch.

Not sure where to start but know you need more than just documents and email/phone advice? Why not get us to spend a couple of days in your business to assess where you’re at, what you’ve got, what’s missing and what you really need in order to move forward. We will provide you with recommendations and a clear path for success which covers all you need to get to your goals.

Or check out these other services to see what fits best for you:

For companies wanting to do the work themselves on a tight budget. Vouch can provide a customised document based approach to ensure you’re on the right track with your HR. This option comes at a price tag of as little as $76 plus GST per week.

Do you have some specific needs around your HR Strategy and questions on how to link it all together – but aren’t sure you want to engage in an ongoing support arrangement? Vouch can provide bespoke services around your people strategy for specific projects focused on coaching, having tough conversations, cultural issues, leadership, engagement and performance structures.

If you’d prefer that neither you nor your people spend their time on an area outside their skillset, but still want someone with high-level HR skills – without employing a full time HR Manager – we can provide you with support on a regular, part-time basis.

Words From Business Owners

"My greatest joy comes from educating and sharing information to challenge the way people think resulting in real change that creates a ripple effect!"

- Emma Driscoll, Director of Vouch


Are you moving in the right direction with your people?

Grab our checklist to assess if your strategic goals and strategy are aligned with your ‘people strategy’. You need both working together for your business to succeed!

We Live Our Values – and We Work With Companies Who Feel the Same!


If we aren't making a difference then it's not working for either party and we'll respectfully bow out.


We are prepared to have the tough conversations and we work with our clients to ensure they are equipped to do the same.


We look at the whole picture when working with our clients. We need to understand all parts of a business to sort out the people strategy.


We get to know our clients and industries. We are genuinely interested in who our clients are as people and what they do. 


We work alongside people we have fun with. HR can be FUN and strategy is exciting so we like to combine the two!

Not sure where your business fits or how HR can help you reach your goals?

Book a ½ hour free consult with Emma for real talk and honest advice for where you are at.

Emma Driscoll - HR Consultant Perth. HR consulting Perth for small business and companies.